1610 Cambell Street, Rapid City, SD

Trailer Lift USA began as a way to improve customer service at Jim Heil's auto service centers. Jim wanted a way to keep his customer appointments on schedule. Often the appointments would be backed up due to the mechanics noticing additional services needed and waiting on parts to be delivered. This down time was not productive nor good for customer service. With the use of Trailer Lift he not only better served his customers, but increased profits. Trailer Lift was a way to add more lifts to the service centers without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars adding onto the buildings and raising property taxes. Jim said, I can't be the only service center owner wanting to improve customer service in the USA. Jim asked his brother Larry to work with him on the project. The journey began, a dream of two brothers working together.
It is our pleasure to bring Trailer Lift USA to you.  Think of the possibilities.

Auto Service Centers
Mobile Mechanics
Emergency Recovery
New & Used Car Dealerships
Auto Racing
Farm & Ranch
Police, Customs
DOT & Military
A great 2 in 1 Trailer

How we began...

Jim & Larry Heil

Two Brothers with a solution


Two years in the making.